Play Rocket Cars Highway Race Online

Play Rocket Cars Highway Race Online in web browser : An exciting online racing game named “Rocket Cars Race” leads players on a thrilling excitement by means of a futuristic highway. You’ll be piloting powerful rocket-equipped motor vehicles in this fast-paced game, combating against real or robotic opponents on a visually remarkable highway circuit.


Move: “W,A,S,D” or “ARROW KEYS” NOS: “F” Horn/Siren: “G” Brake: “SPACE” Change camera: “C”

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Key features :

High-Speed Racing

Rocket Boosters

Multiplayer Mode

Single-Player Mode


Obstacles and Challenges

Dynamic Environments

Achievements and Rewards


Fans of racing, Rocket Cars Highway Race offers an exciting and furious online gaming experience. It offers an outstanding racing adventure with its slick graphics, responsive controls, and a range of customisable rocket-powered automobiles.

Real-time combat amongst players from around the entire world gives the game a competitive edge. Players can fine-tune their vehicles for optimum performance thanks to the option to modify and customize them. This feature gives races more depth and strategy.

The scenery is dynamic and demanding in the highway race setting, with a variety of barriers, jumps, and power-ups to keep the action harrowing. Every race in the online multiplayer mode is different since you compete against professional opponents, which adds an element of surprise.

Size : 800 X 450

Published : Wed Mar 24 2021