Play Witch Dash Online

Play Witch Dash Online in web browser. you play the role of Luna, a spirited young witch with a need for speed. Luna’s magical abilities have put to the test, and she must dash through a magical forest to retrieve an ancient, powerful spellbook before the mischievous forest spirits get their hands on it.

Instruction :-

Use Arrows keys of keyboard to play and Space to Dash.

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Features Of “Play Witch Dash Online” :-

1 Endless Running Thrills: “Witch Dash” offers a fast-paced, endless running experience. Race through an ever-changing, enchanting forest with no limits and endless surprises.

2 Magical Powers: Luna is with an array of magical spells at her disposal. Tap, swipe, and draw symbols on the screen to cast spells and overcome obstacles. Master the art of magic to clear your path.

3 Challenging Obstacles: The forest is filled with a variety of challenging obstacles, including thorny bushes, mischievous creatures, swinging vines, and magical barriers. Use your wits and magic to avoid or overcome them.

4 Collectibles and Power-Ups: Gather magical ingredients, crystals, and power-ups as you dash.

5 Customization: Customize Luna’s appearance with different outfits, broomsticks, and accessories to add a personal touch to your witch.