Play Tom and Jerry Run Online

Play Tom & Jerry Run Online! Tom and Jerry Run is an entertaining infinite runner game similar to subway surfers! But comes with our favorite Tom and Jerry. As in Talking Tom Gold go, go with Jerry through subway city and bounce over hurdles to gather gold money!


Use mouse or keyboard to play.

Use “Arrow keys” or “WASD” keys to navigate

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Did you enjoyed playing? Here are some general trivia about the game:

“Tom and Jerry Run” is an exciting infinite runner game that puts the beloved cat-and-mouse combo, Tom and Jerry, to life. Here Players can choose between controlling Tom or Jerry as they race through a variety of exciting levels filled with obstacles, traps, and power-ups. Also to get an edge, avoid Tom’s ingenious traps, avoid deadly adversaries, and collect cheese and other power-ups. Moreover the game mixes vintage cartoon graphics with fast-paced gameplay, creating a pleasurable experience for fans of all ages. Thus completing puzzles and competing for top scores will immerse you in the undying rivalry between these great characters.

Comparison between “Tom and Jerry Run” and “Subway Surfers”:-


  • “Tom and Jerry Run” focuses on the classic cat-and-mouse chase between Tom and Jerry. Here, players can choose to control either character, each with its unique abilities, and navigate through various levels while avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups.
  • While in “Subway Surfers” follows a group of young graffiti artists who run from a subway inspector and his dog. Players control one of the characters, running along subway tracks, jumping over obstacles, and dodging oncoming trains.


  • “Tom and Jerry Run” is based on the popular animated series “Tom and Jerry,” featuring the iconic rivalry between the two characters. The game captures the humor and charm of the show.
  • On the other side “Subway Surfers” has a modern urban theme, with a focus on street art and subway environments. It provides a more contemporary and urban setting.


  • In “Tom and Jerry Run,” players can choose to play as either Tom or Jerry, each with their unique abilities. Tom can throw objects to clear the path, while Jerry can dash through obstacles.
  • Similarly “Subway Surfers” features a group of characters, each with their unique style and abilities. Players can unlock and switch between different characters as they progress in the game.