Play Tanks: Counteroffensive Online

Play Tanks: Counteroffensive Online! You control a tower with cannons and machine guns. Enemy troops are on the offensive. Try to stop them as soon as possible, when they come closer they will not leave you a chance.


Mouse click or tap to play Control in Mobile.

1) Joystick for turning the tower.

2) Three attack buttons for machine gun and cannon and rocket launcher.

Overview: “Play Tanks: Counteroffensive”

                Tanks Counteroffensive is an action-packed, strategic tank warfare game in which players are immersed in intense armored combat scenarios. As a tank commander, you’ll lead your team into battle against enemy forces, using a range of tanks and tactics to win. The game mixes realistic tank mechanics, immersive landscapes, and difficult missions to put your strategy and fighting skills to the test.

Game Features: 

Tank Selection: Begin by selecting your tank from a diversified lineup, each with its unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Your choice of tank, from nimble light tanks to highly armored behemoths, will influence your playstyle and tactics.

Dynamic Battlefields: Fight in violent conflicts throughout a variety of realistic locations such as deserts, cities, and forests. As you battle hostile forces, adapt to changing terrain and use cover to your advantage.

Tanks Counteroffensive contains realistic tank mechanics, such as accurate mobility, ballistics, and damage modeling. You’ll have to learn how to efficiently control your tank, aiming your cannons and adjusting for distance and height.

Tactical Warfare: More than simply firepower is required for success. Create strategic ideas, collaborate with others, and take cover from the landscape. Set up ambushes, execute flanking operations, and conquer crucial sites on the battlefield.