Play Rolling the Ball 3D online

Play Rolling the Ball 3D online in web browser. a thrilling and addictive online game that will test your balance, coordination, and problem-solving skills. In this game, you control a ball rolling through a series of intricate 3D mazes and puzzles. Your objective is to guide the ball through each level, avoiding obstacles and traps while collecting stars to achieve a high score.


Tap left or right to move

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Key Features:-

ntuitive Gameplay

Challenging Puzzles

Immersive 3D Graphics



No Time Pressure


It offers an engaging and challenging gaming experience for puzzle enthusiasts. With its straightforward controls and progressively difficult levels, it strikes a balance between accessibility and complexity. The visually appealing 3D graphics add depth to the gameplay, and the option for customization allows players to express their unique style.

This game provides a relaxing yet stimulating environment where players can exercise their problem-solving skills and enjoy a sense of achievement with each completed level. Whether you’re looking for a casual brain teaser or a more intense challenge, Rolling the Ball 3D Online offers a satisfying and immersive gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.





720 X 1280


Fri Aug 25 2023