Play Rocky Rampage Online

Play Rocky Rampage Online at Unblocked games ez. This is an action-packed mobile game developed by Joyseed Gametribe. In this game, players take on the role of a character named Boulder Cobblestone, a legendary rock-throwing hero. The primary goal is to launch Boulder on a journey to recover his stolen house and seek revenge on the villains who took it.

Instructions :-

PC controls: Use the mouse left click to aim and shoot using the items in the game.

Mobile and tablet controls: Touch the screen to aim and release to shoot.

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Features Of “Play Rocky Rampage Online” :-

Endless Running and Physics-Based Action: “Rocky Rampage” combines elements of endless running and physics-based gameplay. Players catapult Boulder Cobblestone into the air and watch him tumble, smash, and roll through a variety of obstacles and enemies.

Launch and Upgrade: Players launch Boulder by pulling and releasing on the screen to determine the launch angle and power. The farther Boulder travels, the more damage he inflicts on obstacles and enemies.

Diverse Obstacles: Throughout the game, players encounter a wide range of obstacles, including rocks, buildings, and enemies. Successfully smashing through these obstacles helps players earn rewards and progress in the game.

Power-Ups: Various power-ups and upgrades are available to enhance Boulder’s abilities. These can include speed boosts, extra bounces, and other enhancements that help players achieve longer distances.

Enemies and Boss Fights: As players progress, they encounter enemies and even boss fights. Defeating these adversaries requires precision and skill, and it provides opportunities for earning more rewards.