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Play Road Madness Online in web browser. Road Madness is an adrenaline-pumping mobile racing game that takes the excitement of high-speed. Developed by a team of passionate game developers. This title draws players into the breathtaking world of illegal street he racing and exciting heists.


Shootdown enemy cars and upgrade your gear to survive in higher levels. Avoid obstacles and gather power ups from destroyed special enemies. Defeat boss at the end of levels to progress further. For PC use arrows or W,S,A.D.

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REALISTIC PHYSICS: ‘Road Madness’ includes realistic physics. To ensure an authentic driving and handling feel and takes into account weather conditions for additional challenges. 

Dynamic Weather: The game includes a dynamic weather system that affects driving conditions. Rain, thunderstorms, and changes in the track surface further complicate the race. 

High-stakes Heist: Players can create engaging single-player campaigns by immersing themselves in a thrilling story of daring heists and violent escapes.

Customization: Vehicles can be customized and improved from appearance to performance. Allowing players to optimize their vehicles and gain a competitive advantage.

Challenging Tracks: Road Madness features a variety of tracks, including narrow streets, winding highways, and shortcuts. Each with their own unique challenges.

Multiplayer Mode: Players can compete against friends and other players in real-time multiplayer races, encouraging intense competition and social interaction.

Stunning Graphics: The game features high-quality graphics and detailed environments, creating a visually stunning racing experience.

Immersive Sound Design: Realistic engine sounds and dynamic audio enhance the overall gaming experience, increasing the sense of speed and excitement. 

Free-to-play: Road Madness is typically offered as a free-to-play game, allowing players to enjoy the core gameplay without any upfront costs.

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