Play Ragdoll Step Online

Play Ragdoll Step Online! Ragdoll Step is a physics-based adventure that will put your reflexes and creativity to the test. Enter a charming environment where you manage a squishy ragdoll figure navigating dangerous obstacles. Guide your ragdoll through hard levels loaded with traps, riddles, and surprises using exact timing and creative actions. Ragdoll Step provides hours of amusing and addictive gameplay, whether you’re leaping into the air or wobbling your way to victory. Prepare to enter a world where every action matters in this fascinating ragdoll adventure!


Mouse click or tap to play.

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Title: Ragdoll Step

Game Genre: Puzzle Platformer

Game Narrative:

In Ragdoll Step’s odd world, you step into the floppy shoes of Rags, a charming, klutzy ragdoll with ambitions of mastering gravity. Rags stumbles onto an ancient temple known as the “Gravity Sanctum,” which is supposed to have the power to manipulate gravity.

Inside, Rags is put through a number of bizarre physics-based tasks, such as bouncing off gigantic pillows and swinging from chandeliers. The quirky residents of the temple, such as the comical “Bounce Brothers” and the intriguing “Professor Tumblestein,” either help or hinder Rags in their mission.

And apart from this, a frightening group known as the “Gravity Guardians” craves the temple’s power as well. You’ll avoid their traps and outwit them with humorous yet thrilling encounters.

As Rags, you progress through progressively difficult stages while mastering Rags’ awkward movements. Your mission is to enter the inner sanctuary before the Guardians, use the temple’s gravity-wielding talents, and save the planet from their evil schemes.

Ragdoll Step Online

Published: October 2023