Play Mario Star Catcher Online

Play Mario Star Catcher Online in web browser. Mario game that puts a fresh spin on everyone’s favorite Italian plumber’s classic platform adventure. Developed by an avid Mario fan, the game introduces a unique and addictive gameplay he mechanic centered around collecting sparkling stars.


Use the arrow keys to play the game.

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Features Mario Star Catcher :-

  1. Star Collecting Gameplay: The core gameplay revolves around collecting stars scattered throughout each level, providing a unique twist on the classic Mario objective of rescuing Princess Peach.

  2. No Enemy Jumping: Unlike traditional Mario games, Mario cannot defeat enemies by jumping on them. This adds a layer of challenge, as players must find alternate ways to navigate levels and avoid adversaries.

  3. Creative Level Design: The game offers a wide variety of levels, each with its own creative challenges and puzzles. Players must use their platforming skills to reach stars while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

  4. Nostalgic Graphics: This game typically maintains the classic pixelated art style and sound effects reminiscent of early Mario games, invoking a sense of nostalgia for longtime fans.

  5. Precise Controls: The game typically features responsive and intuitive controls, allowing players to guide Mario with precision through each level.

Mario StarCatcher Online