Play Fruit Ninja Game Online

Play Fruit Ninja Game Online in web browser. You must slice fruit to score highly in the addictive arcade game Fruit Game. Yet, be careful to avoid slice bombs! Earlier editions of this popular game included VR and mobile apps. Right now, Unblockedgames66ez is offering a free web browser version of it.

Mouse click or tap to play

How To Play Fruit Ninja Game:

Slash the fruit by left-clicking and swiping. If you quickly swoop between several fruits, you can create excellent combos.

Few activities in life are as fulfilling as chopping cleanly through a variety of fresh, zingy fruits in Fruit Game. Play on to beat your previous best, and remain alive by avoiding the bombs. Since you can only miss three before the game is ended, you should cut every fruit on the screen.


enjoyable fruit-slashing gameplay
Cut open a variety of sweet, delectable fruits.
Gain more points by forming combinations.
Avoid explosives, and don’t forget to eat the fruit.

Developer of Fruit Ninja Game

Fruit Ninja was made by Halfbrick Studios.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

A thrilling and quick-paced online game called Fruit Ninja O.I will put your reflexes and fruit-slicing abilities to the test as you go on a delicious adventure. Your goal in this game is to slice and dice a variety of luscious fruits that appear on the screen by swiping your mouse cursor or finger over the screen. It sounds simple, right? Rethink that!

The game “Fruit Ninja O.I” has a variety of game modes, such as Classic, Arcade, Zen, and multiplayer combat, that provide a variety of difficulties to keep you interested. Slice as many fruits as you can while avoiding explosions in classic mode. You compete against the clock in Arcade mode to get big scores and activate power-ups. Zen mode provides a more tranquil experience and emphasizes precise slices.

Release Date

  • December 2010 (iOS)
  • July 2011 (Android)
  • October 2021 (HTML5)