Play Drive and Crash Online

Play Drive and Crash Online! “Drive and Crash” is a car derby racing game in which your goal is to destroy your opponents’ automobiles in order to win and earn the most points for the amount of damage done. Choose a vehicle and prepare for a ruthless war. You’ll have access to many arenas surrounded by insane racers, where everyone is out to destroy everyone who gets in their path. Bite into the asphalt in the parking lot or race track and don’t give up! Develop as the best striker on the football pitch and a terrifying gorge racer. Sharpen your driving abilities by dodging attacks and delivering a deadly strike until you are the race’s only survivor!


  • The W button and the up arrow are gas,
  • The S button and the down arrow are brake/reverse.
  • To turn left using the A button and the left arrow,
  • To turn right – the D button and the right arrow.

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Wanna know about some crazy features aboutPlay Drive and Crash”?

  1. Fast-Paced Racing: “Drive and Crash” offers adrenaline-pumping racing action. Players get behind the wheel of various vehicles, from sports cars to monster trucks, and race at breakneck speeds.

  2. Explosive Crashes: The game’s unique selling point is its spectacular crashes. Players can smash into obstacles, other vehicles, and structures, causing massive destruction. The more epic the crash, the better the rewards.

  3. Diverse Environments: “Drive and Crash” features a variety of dynamic and challenging environments. Players can race through city streets, desert dunes, icy roads, and more, each with its own set of obstacles and hazards.

  4. Upgradeable Vehicles: As you progress in the game, you can earn currency to upgrade and unlock new vehicles. Upgrades include better engines, improved handling, and stronger armor for more destructive crashes.

  5. Mission-Based Gameplay: The game offers a series of missions and objectives to complete. These missions can range from achieving a certain distance to causing a specific amount of destruction within a time limit.

Published on: Oct 2023

Platform Used: HTML5