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Play DinoZ Online in web browser. A fascinating online game named DinoZ will transport you to the land of prehistoric adventure. Train, evolve, and engage in epic, real-time fights with your very own team of dinosaurs. On the one hand Join forces with players from around the world to assert your dominion in this fascinating trip through the dinosaur era. DinoZ lets you customise your dinosaurs and discover their specific abilities to help you become the most powerful dino commander.


PLAYER 1 Move: “W,A,S,D” Hit: “F” / Bomb: “H” Jump: “W” Switch Weapon: “Q” PLAYER 2 Move: “ARROW KEYS” Hit: “L” / Bomb: “J” Jump: “UP ARROW” Switch Weapon: “U” Both player can wall jump with “W” or “UP ARROW”.

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Conclusion :

DinoZ is a fascinating online game that involves players in a world full of dinosaurs form antiquity. DinoZ delivers a thrilling and engaging gaming experience with its fascinating action,  In reality a chance to train and evolve your own dinosaur army and the chance to compete against others across the world. Whereas DinoZ will keep you occupied for hours as you explore, fight in battle and conquer the world of the ancient giants, whether you’re a lover of dinosaurs or strategy games. Equip oneself and your dinosaurs for a mission in DinoZ to become the supreme dino commander!

Key Features of DinoZ Online :

Dinosaur Training

Real-Time Battles


Adventure Mode

Multiplayer Arenas


Global Community

Regular Updates

Stunning Graphics

Cross-Platform Play


800 X 600


Fri Aug 06 2021