Play Color Pathio Online

Play Color Pathio Online in web browser. a vibrant and engaging mobile puzzle game that challenges players’ strategic thinking and color-matching skills. In this addictive game, your objective is to guide a colorful ball along a winding path filled with various obstacles. The catch? You must ensure that the ball matches the color of the path it travels on, or it will meet an untimely end.


Move the Player with Mouse Or touch the screen

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Key Features:

Color-Matching Gameplay

Diverse Obstacles

Progressive Difficulty

Unlockable Content

Daily Challenges

  1. Color Matching: In each level, you control a colorful ball that moves along a winding path. The path is made up of segments with different colors.

  2. Match the Path: Your objective is to match the color of your ball with the color of the path segment it’s currently on. You do this by tapping the screen to change your ball’s color.

  3. Avoid Obstacles: Along the path, you’ll encounter various obstacles, such as spikes, rotating barriers, and moving platforms. You must time your color changes carefully to avoid colliding with these obstacles.


This Game offers a colorful and stimulating gaming experience that combines puzzle-solving with quick reflexes. Its intuitive controls and straightforward premise make it accessible to players of all ages, while its increasingly complex levels provide a satisfying challenge. Whether you’re looking for a casual gaming distraction or a more intense brain-teaser , its delivers an enjoyable and visually appealing journey along the path of color-matching fun.


800 X 600


Fri Aug 04 2023