Play Bazooka Boy Online

Play Bazooka Boy Online! Blast through stages and demolish everything in your path with a variety of incredible weaponry! Collect them all and master their various and unique abilities! Send your adversaries flying, blow up their bases, and demolish their structures! Shoot your way to victory with satisfying destruction and limitless options! With levels upon levels of fantastic material and challenges, try and wipe out all the adversaries to win! Each level is a unique action puzzle, with flashy exploding effects and fantastic mechanics. Can you solve them all without getting crushed by a terrible shot?


Use mouse right click to aim and shoot enemies. Touch the screen to aim and shoot on mobile devices.

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“Bazooka Boy” is a popular online game that involves a character armed with a bazooka or rocket launcher. Here are some FAQs,

1. What is Bazooka Boy?

Bazooka Boy is an action-adventure game where you control a character armed with a bazooka, and your goal is to complete various levels by solving puzzles and defeating enemies.

2. How do I control Bazooka Boy?

Typically, you move the character using arrow keys or a virtual joystick (on mobile devices) and aim and shoot the bazooka using the mouse or touchscreen.

3. What are the objectives in Bazooka Boy?

The main objectives usually include collecting items, defeating enemies, and solving puzzles to progress through levels.

4. Are there different types of bazookas or weapons in the game?

Some versions of the game may offer various weapons or power-ups that you can acquire throughout the gameplay.

5. How do I defeat enemies and bosses in the game?

You typically use your bazooka to shoot projectiles at enemies and strategically solve puzzles to defeat bosses.


Play Bazooka Boy Online

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Published: Oct 2023