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Play Angry Birds Online in web browser. This online version of Angry Birds gives players of all skill levels the ability to improve their slingshot technique, win accolades, and engage in friendly competition for bragging rights. As you set off on this feather-flinging journey directly from your computer browser, you’ll be thrust into a world of humor, strategy, and unending fun.


Touch Pad

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Classic Angry Birds Gameplay

Numerous Levels

Diverse Bird Abilities


Boss Fights

Online Multiplayer


Daily Challenges


Regular Updates

Social Integration


More information about angry birds online

Goal: To advance through stages in “Angry Birds,” you must strategically demolish objects such as buildings and pig adversaries by launching a flock of birds from a slingshot.

Bird Powers: Each bird in the game has a special power. For instance, the red bird is a simple projectile, the yellow bird speeds up while in the air, the black bird detonates when instructed to, and so on. In order to overcome barriers and destroy pigs, players must carefully employ these talents.

Green pigs, who are often found inside of different constructions, are your major enemies in the game. Your objective is to use the fewest amount of birds to destroy every pig in each stage.


Angry Birds O.I offers a continually engaging and fun gaming experience because to its large number of levels, distinctive bird skills, and imaginative level designs. It has become a classic in the world of mobile gaming thanks to its accessibility and attraction to gamers of all ages.

So whether you’re planning a strategy to get three stars on each level or just looking for a pleasant and casual gaming experience, Angry Birds O.I delivers a feathered frenzy of fun that endures.


Size: 800 X 600

Published: Tue Sep 01 2020