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Welcome to Unblocked Games 66 EZ gaming world. Unblocked games are free online games, You can enjoy free online games with your friends, schoolmate, colleagues in your leisure time. The first ever question that strikes to mind is “unblocked games are free?” . Yes, Unblocked games are free online games.

Welcome to Unblocked Games 66 EZ Online Gaming World

Unblocked Games 66 EZ is online game platform, offers a diverse collection of games accessible without restrictions like downloading games, installations of games, games on this platform is online which offers no downloading, installation of games.

Unblocked Games 66 EZ

Features That Unblocked Games 66 EZ Offers :-  

1 Free Games:- On unblocked games 66 ez all games are free to access. There are no charges applied to play any of the games on this gaming platform. Online games are the best mind-soothing and relaxing pill for all age groups of people in this busy world. As games are therapy, it is free, what is more amazing than that!

2 Accessibility:- All games on the platform are online and accessible from anywhere like from your office, school, work space, or home.

3 Responsive Desing:- This platform is built with responsive features. With this feature, all games are compatible with all devices like mobile, tablets, computers, and various operating systems.

4 User-Friendly Games And Interface:- This platform provides user-friendly games to all age groups and the interface of the platform is easy to access and straightforward instructions are provided to users for easy understanding.

5 Frequent Updates:- You will get an updated version of your favorite game with new features and challenges, maps, and operators.

Top Games On 66 games unblocked :-

1 Tetris unblocked 66 :-

In Tetris unblocked 66, players go with square-shaped structures called tetrominoes, coming down from the top of the screen. Players have to arrange all these tetrominoes in that order which makes a rectangular shape without any gap in the horizontal line. In this game, seven different tetrominoes shapes are there each with its unique arrangement of four squares.

Instruction For Gameplay :-

Use arrow keys on the game display to move tetrominoes.

Gameplay Of “Classic Tetris” :-

Falling Tetrominoes: In Tetris, you will find out falling tetrominoes from the top of game screen of different shapes and size.

Goal: The goal of the game is to arrange the falling in a way so that there is no gap in between the horizontal line.

On goal completion: When player complete the lines without any gap, that line will disappear and the score ranking up.

Speed Of Tetrominoes: As the fast as player clear the lines without gap as fast as the tetrominoes falling speed will increase. It test’s timing of your response.

Scoreboard : Tetris maintain track of player against world ranking and player too. So that player also try to crack his own score record.

2 Slope Unblocked 66 Game :-

In Slope Unblocked 66 Game players control the rolling 3D ball on simultaneously changing structures, The Speed of the rolling ball increases with an increase in distance covered by the ball. The challenge is to keep the ball on the track, so what are you waiting for? jump into the game.

Slope Unblocked 66 Game

Instructions For Gameplay :-

Steer ball with arrows, A/D or Q/D.

Gameplay Of “Slope Unblocked 66” :-

Graphics: The slope game provides an impressive experience for players as they navigate the ball through the course with high-quality graphics.

High-Speed : The ball moves at a high speed according to the distance covered by the rolling 3D ball..

Practical Application Of Physics : The game works on the practical application of physics and realistic visuals.

Hurdles :-  The game includes hurdles with different structures and shapes like ramps, bridges, and buildings. Players must react quickly to steer the ball safely around these challenges.

Leaderboard: Players can compete for high scores and aim to achieve a top ranking on the game’s leaderboards.

3  Snakes Ladders :-

Snake and Ladder is a simple game at unblocked 66 ez. in which you have to roll the dice and move according to the number on the dice. The game board consists of numbered squares arranged in a grid, and players use dice to move their game pieces along the board.

Instructions :-

Use mouse clicks to play and tap to play on mobile.

Gameplay of “Snake Ladder” :-

Start Position: Players start at the start of the board usually from 1.

Taking Turns: The player has to roll dice and take turns safely to level up.

4 Extreme Winter Oil Tanker Truck Drive :-

Extreme Winter Oil Tanker Truck Drive is a driving simulator game in which players take on the role of a tanker driver to transport oil or fuel through challenging winter conditions. This game has authentic truck physics and handling which allow players to drive the truck with real applications of physics.

Extreme Winter Oil Tanker

Instructions For Gameplay :-

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to drive the truck.

Gameplay of “Extreme Winter Oil Tanker Truck Driver” :-

Winter Terrains: In this game players drive the truck with the carrier in different terrains like snowy and winter environments.

Multiple Levels: The game may consist of various levels or missions, each presenting different scenarios and obstacles to test your driving skills.

Realistic Physics : This game has realistic physics in the simulation of the steering wheel.

5 Draw Bridge Challenge :-

Draw Bridge Challenge is a puzzle game at unblocked games in which players have to draw a bridge for the continuous drive of the car where you have to draw a bridge from one end of the screen to another end. You have to draw the bridge with strategy so that the running car does not fall down from the bridge..

 Draw Bridge Challenge

Instruction for gameplay :-

Use mouse to draw bridge and use tap for mobile screen.

Gameplay Of “Draw Bridge Challenge” :-

Designing Of Bridge: This game test’s players strategy they use while playing the game and also improves time response as car is running, you have to draw bridge against the clock. You can design bridge according to you make sure car runs continuously manners.

Vehicles Size And Varieties : The game often features a variety of vehicles. It may be car or monster truck, jeep and else, the bigger the size level of difficulty increase. And trust me it is so challenging and you are going to enjoy it.

Obstacles: Players will find different types of obstacles in the game as cliff, cave, cone structures through which you have to make bridge.